Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sphere of Mind: An Ultimate Metaphysical Infrastructure of Mind

 pyTectonics 3D plate tectonics in Python
This is a minimalist rendering of what a mind must look like in abstract space, although the graphical idiosyncrasies you see indicate that the mind shown is merely a finite instantiation, a limited system seeking to approximate the ideal ultimate system it incompletely instances (yes that's a verb).

The dots represent the entire set of assumed statements that are necessary in order to think at all.

Each embedded dot represents a necessary assumption that simply fuses to an inert "relational sphere" with no discrete object containment. This sphere, which is created only by the dots in non-biased equal suspension from a shared unifying systemic principle, represents the cross-defined, cross-inferred, cross-assumed, cross-justified statements considered as a system of simultaneous relations. All the necessary truths are equally and coextensively related by a unifying central principle of structural integrity which necessarily defies any kind of qualified graphical description other than the space between the dots in spherical form.

Remember: I'm talking about abstract space here, not empirical.

There is nothing between the dots except their interrelations taken as a single unified necessary system! It is pure unifying relational being that is represented central to those statements and that's it! These irreducibly basic assumptions are timeless, and function as a single integral necessary cognitive response system (And yes, these truths themselves are yet other dots on the surface of the necessary spherical rational integrity.Each dot is a meta-theoretic necessary truth.). The statements that are produced by minds experiencing the world would be schematics that are constructed from those statements and respectively connected around the core sphere directly and in tandem with those basic necessary truths. I'm not sure a full graphical rendering is possible unless it is at least rendered transparent.

I still have some problems with this graphical rendering, but I think they can be worked out.