Monday, November 07, 2011

Secret Reductionist Suicide Pact Revealed!

"And where is the objectivity of physical science when knowledge of any object is no more than a change in the brain-state of the observer-subject?"
--jack bodie, from Ed Feser's blog combox.

An excellent and challenging question. In some senses baffling, in fact.

The implications of such reductions for both objectivity and knowledge, seem to reduce those reductions themselves to nothing more than their own alleged universal explanatory factors.

Sort of a built-in cognitive death wish. Three cheers, I say.

Two Analysts Walk into a Method

"The major task of logic has been to establish a systematic way of deducing the logical consequences of a set of sentences." (First line of the 2007 Britannica "Knowledge In Depth" article, "Logic", Macropaedia Volume 23, page 225.)

True enough. But only minds or mind-based objects have tasks.